Management Style

The Management Style of Bill Timmons, President and CEO

One’s management style is the manifestation of his/her beliefs, opinions, actions/behavior.  In combination they dictate how he/she approaches challenges and opportunities and their effectiveness in working with others to achieve desired outcomes.

Following are the beliefs, opinions, actions/behavior that define me and my management style and underpin how I go about serving Hacienda HealthCare and those entrusted to our care.


  • My effectiveness in leading Hacienda HealthCare is directly related to my:
    • Reputation
    • Impartiality
    • Knowledge base and skill sets
    • Honesty
    • Approachability
    • Trustworthiness
    • Example setting
    • Understanding of the big picture
    • Ability to get the best work out of each member of the Management Team.
    • Ability to hire the right people for Management Team positions and then retaining their service for a long duration.
    • Ability to communicate verbally and in writing to numerous audiences.
    • Knowing when, how and how hard to push back to achieve the desired results.
    • Ability to orchestrate a multi-faceted challenge to individuals and organizations whose agenda and/or actions in any way threaten Hacienda HealthCare, our employees and those we serve.
  • Hacienda HealthCare’s financial health is in large part directly related to the exceptional care we provide to our patients and clients.


  • Nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever more important than the provision of exceptional services to those entrusted to our care.
  • Action plans are the best way to implement and monitor complex matters.
  • Task Forces are the best way to address and resolve problems and take advantage of opportunities.
  • Thinking outside the box generates new or different strategies for addressing matters that can benefit from a different approach.
  • Due diligence work is only considered complete after no stone has been left unturned.
  • It is extremely important to know as much, if not more, about an issue than those with whom you are negotiating.
  • Meeting unmet or under met community needs is an ongoing goal of Hacienda HealthCare.
  • Important matters that require my decision need to be presented in an advantages and disadvantages format.
  • The glass is half full, not half empty.
  • Hacienda HealthCare’s Personnel Policies, without exception, must be applied equally to all employees.
  • Hacienda HealthCare’s Personnel Policies, without exception, must be adhered to by all employees with non-compliance resulting in a variety of types of disciplinary actions.


  • Unless a confidential matter requires its closure I keep my door open to demonstrate my accessibility.
  • Every action I take is pursued with perfection being the goal and excellence being reluctantly accepted.
  • Praising employees for a job well done is important so I routinely praise members of our workforce.
  • Constructive criticism with appropriate education and training is important to assure policy and procedure compliance and the provision of quality care to our patients and clients.
  • Appropriate joking, laughter and lighthearted banter helps ease job related stress so I do so and encourage others to emulate my behavior.
  • I take my job and the related responsibilities very seriously but not so myself.
  • I take the time to fully explain what is needed and why and as appropriate how the information can be obtained and then back away and allow members of the Management Team and others to produce the desired results.


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