Adam’s Story

Photo of Adam when he was young

Photo of Adam when he was young Adam was a happy, healthy little boy until February 11, 1988. That was the day his life and the lives of his entire family were changed forever.

Adam was only 2 1/2 years old on that fateful day in February. Upon arriving home from work, Adam’s mom was always greeted by her three little boys. That Thursday evening was very different. Only two of the three boys greeted her. After saying hello, Mom repeatedly called for Adam as she walked through the entire house, but there was no response.

She looked out the back window and saw Adam’s Big Wheel upside down in the pool. She rushed out to the back yard and when she got to the edge of the pool she found her youngest son lying face up, lifeless at the bottom of the water. When the paramedics arrived, it took 18 minutes for them to resuscitate Adam. No one knows how long he was in the water. Adam’s mom prayed over and over “Please God, don’t let him die.” She never thought of the potential “gray area” that Adam would live in a place she describes as “somewhere between life and death.”

Adam’s Mom and Step-Father believe their son’s progress is directly related to the love, care and attention he receives at Hacienda’s Intermediate Care Facility.

Photo of Adam in 2014 His parents were given the devastating news that their precious little son who lived, had suffered from anoxic encephalopathy (brain damage due to lack of oxygen) and would never walk, talk, run and play again.

Today Adam is in Hacienda’s Intermediate Care Facility (ICF–ID) where he currently resides and receives long-term care.

Adam’s Mom and Step-Father have commented many times that with each visit they notice continued increases in alertness, recognition, ability to grasp, smile and laugh. They believe these increases in his abilities are directly related to the love, care and attention he receives at Hacienda and are grateful that they can call Hacienda HealthCare his home.

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