Special Lives Newsletter

Thanks to our supporters, Hacienda provides an enhanced “quality of life” that individuals who are medically fragile or who live with disabilities can rarely find in any other way. Medical care is critical to their lives, but relationships, experiences, and memories created by our loving, caring staff are their lifelines to joy and happiness.

Special Lives newsletter is published three times a year and features Hacienda family stories, donor highlights, and volunteer spotlights.

Special Lives Newsletter

Viviana’s Story

Viviana's Story

Photo of Viviana and Brianna Brianna’s daughter, Viviana was born eight years ago with extremely low muscle tone that left her unable to walk, sit, stand, eat, or breathe on her own. Read more

Ivan’s Story

Jacob's Story

Photo of Lucy and JacobPrior to this day, Margaret’s 3 month old son was in great distress. He was listless with eyes rolling back into his head. Read more

Adam’s Story

Photo of Adam when he was young

Photo of Adam when he was young Adam was a happy, healthy little boy until February 11, 1988. That was the day his life and the lives of his entire family were changed forever.

Read more

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