Los Niños Synagis Provider Information

Thank you for your interest in our program. At Los Niño’s we pride ourselves in running a professional Synagis Program for over 17 years. Our Nursing Director is available to answer questions anytime, and our Medical Directors for Phoenix and Denver are available by contacting Davena Ballard 602-920-9610.

For RSV and Synagis educational information for medical office staff view our Referral Information link below.

View the American Academy of Pediatrics offers Pediatric guidelines for Synagis administration.

Referral Staff Education Provider Referral Forms

What we do at Los Niño’s:

  • Education Physicians and their staff on RSV and Synagis administration
  • Receive referrals from pediatric offices
  • Obtain prior authorization for Synagis Administration
  • Order Synagis from contracted pharmacies if directed by the Health Plan
  • We Provide Synagis for directly contracted Health Plans
  • Arrange medication refills
  • Fax referring physician injection dates after every injection
  • Schedule appointments every 28 days
  • Educate families on RSV and Synagis
  • Offer 30 minute appointments with a Pediatric trained Nurse who will monitor infants Vital signs before and after Synagis administration, and contact the referring PCP of any concerns
  • Educate infants families regarding:
    – Insurance changes – Underinsured options – Payment concerns – Grants and financial assistance programs available – Noncompliance
  • We contact the referring Physician’s office regarding:
    – Patient Denials – Unable to reach patients – Insurance concerns – Noncompliance – Any patient concerns

How do you refer these high risk infants for Synagis?

Complete referral forms and submit all necessary documents either via email or by fax. It is very important to submit all the correct information the first time. Completing the forms accurately prevents the insurance company from denying patients due to lack of documentation which can delay babies from getting Synagis in a timely manner. Take the time to complete referrals and include pertinent notes such as:

  • NICU Discharge paperwork
  • Recent Cardiology Notes, Pulmonology notes, Neurology Notes, and most recent visit
  • Include current weight and gestational age on referral
  • Complete current medications etc.

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