Water Safety

We’ve all heard about distracted driving but have you ever thought that these same distractions can happen when you are at a pool with your children? In the news today there are more and more reports of drownings that happen under adult supervision.

“Adam was a happy, healthy little boy until February 11, 1988. That was the day his life and the lives of his entire family were changed forever.” — read more

“My child could have easily drowned that day. I was overconfident in her abilities in the pool. I never once considered that another child could pull her under the water. I never imagined my child could drown with so many adults within a few feet of her.” — The Day My Daughter Nearly Drowned Surrounded by Adults – by Megan Woolsey

“Then within a few minutes, he was out of sight. It’s difficult for his parents to describe the events of that day, but Jana remembers frantically scanning the pool, searching for him. Moments later he was pulled from the shallow water by another swimmer, lifeless. — The Sad Truth About Drowning – by Ari Brown, M.D., from Parents Magazine

A few water safety tips to remember…

  • It takes just minutes for a child to die underwater
  • Don’t be overconfident in your child because they “know how to swim”
  • Don’t assume because adults are around that they are “safe”
  • Designate a “water watcher” to keep an eye on all children in the pool
  • Learn CPR
  • Learn more about water safety

Did you know…

  • Five to ten percent of drowning survivors suffer permanent brain damage
  • Drowning can occur in an instant, and a lifeguard is watching so many people at once that he can miss something that happens so fast
  • Drowning can be silent. Unlike what we’ve seen in movies, children do not always flail their arms around and scream for help

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Hacienda HealthCare provides Safety Kits to members of the community to engage families in learning more about water safety with fun, educational materials.

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